Rough Ishq – Part 10

Published November 3, 2013 by Marsie MG

Rough Ishq

Part 10

Bright light fell on her form as a speeding truck honked loudly heading her way. She was unmoved probably the pain of his rejection. Maan panicked. Maan immediately ran towards her. By then the truck had advanced a lot. Geet seemed realizing the truck as she ran right and left unsteadily. As the truck was inches away, Maan held her palloo and pulled her hard. The truck driver braked hard seeing Maan on roadside. Geet got choked as the pallo wound around her neck when he pulled her. As her form dashed into him, she fainted. He was breathing heavily with the sudden almost hit and escape. She dropped over him unconscious. He was shocked. He patted her cheekGeet… Geet… Utho Geet…He screamed. As the truck driver came out, near Maan, he immediately punched him.How the hell could can you drive so carelessly?He was fuming.Sahabji… Maaf kar dijiye andhere mai dikha nai rastaHe fell on his feet. Maan just turned away. Actually it was their fault… His fault. She was drunk but he should have been careful. He shouldn’t have let her play on the road that too drunk. Damn!Waise sahabji Madam ko aise road mai…He said meekly. Maan glared at him as hard as he could.Leave…Maan picked her up in his arms.Sahab ji police ko inform mat kijiyega He held Maan’s feet crying.Thik hai nai karunga…Maan sighed rushing to his car and drove away. As soon as Maan left,Kaam pura nai ho saka, ek aadmi aa gaya bich maiAnd he heard some curses from other side. He threw the phone away in anger as now he would get no payment.


As Geet was about to leave, he held her hand. He was ashamed, he didnt regret the touch but he regretted the state he touched her. It was supposed to be her most beautiful moment he turned it into a nightmare. His heart weeped seeing her disheveled state. His touch… How repulsive she would have felt it… Yet she beared it all because it was him. He wanted to just finish off his hands which dared to touch her in such a way. He expected her to snap his hand but she didn’t. She trusted him so much and he… He felt so much ashamed. She sat beside him. She leaned on him as tear drops fell from his eyes. She kissed his forehead andHappy Birthday Maan… I am sorr”’She lowered her lashes and he placed his finger on her lips shutting her off. His eyes… She could sense it… Didnt know for what but they were sorry. She felt bad. Her eyes followed his hands as they held both of her hands. He kissed her hands.I am sorry Geet…Kal Maan was truly guilty. He knew Geet didnt understand yesterday what he did. Her conscience could feel the repulsiveness of the touch, her heart could feel it but neither could she comprehend the strange feeling nor could she push him. He wanted to make her understand that what he did was wrong. She was to push him away infact anyone who did any such thing. Kal Maan… Maine saree pehne ki kosish ki nai hua Am sorry… And you you faintedShe was still scared for his health.Dekho Geet… Woh kal… Mai… Hum…He didnt know how to say it. She snapped,I dont want to talk about it. He held her hand tightly.Listen to meHe gritted. Agar itni hi takleef hui toh kyu nai kaha kuch uss waqt… Kyu chup rahi tum uss waqt…He lashed out and she wanted to leave. She herself wasnt what happened to her yesterday. She felt a vacuum inside.Leave meShe wriggled.Mujhe jawab chahiye Geet…He held onto her.I… I dont knowShe stilled. It was you… How could I push you., I love you na She laid her head on his lap. He slowly carressed her hair massaging her scalp, calming her down. She was too confused to express. Slowly he whisperedKoi aur hota toh? Tears flowed from her eyes wetting his pant.I wouldn’t allow them to touch meShe whispered. He smiled at her foolishly. I love you Geet She looked at him wildly. She always thought he did but expressing in such a situation… Muh band karoShe chuckled and so did he. She got up and kissed his cheek. He followed the same.I want a promise Geet…From you He hugged her.UmmmShe wasnt in a mood to disagree with him now. You are going to fight… If ever any such touch you feel is repulsiveShe looked into his eyes. He wanted the promise with honesty.Even if that’s me…She got upMaan no… AisaShe was restless but he silenced herThink of it as my birthday wish Geet… Please…He pleaded. She gave in finally and noddedFine…Just then the maid came in to clear the room. Geet looked at her with a lone lost look. She became upset. Maan noticed that but then he tried to cheer her up.You told you are going to fight but how? You didnt ask that…He smirked.UmmShe was confused with his smirk.Dont tell me apne nazuk haathon se marogi

Maan laughed. She made a big ‘O’ face. Getting off the bed she moved towards the window stomping her feet on the ground. Geet …dekho meri baat suno toh… Maan came from back hugging her. You dont talk to meShe hit him with her small fists as he hugged her. Thats how Sanjay saw them together and his blood boiled with Maan’s audacity to touch her again. MAANHe pulled him out by his hair as Geet stood shocked with the sudden withdrawal. Mohinder and Shekhar rushed in trying to control a wild Sanjay. No one could control him as he continued hitting Maan with his belt. Maan first shocked but then understood he was at fault. So he bore it all silently. Sanjay kya kar rahe ho ruk jao wo koi bacha nai 18 saal ka ladka haiShekhar tried to stop him. He has done crime… How dare he try to molest her?Sanjay was unstoppable.


Maan was so worried as she started vomitting that he didnt realize that he was driving towards their farmhouse. As he stopped he realized where they had reached. He sat numb for a moment. Just then she started coughing and he panicked. He immediately picked her up in his strong arms and took her inside to their room. For the first time he entered this room since their separation, without being drunk. Yet he got a strange feeling that he had been with her here. He washed her face and mouth and wiped with the towel and finally laid her on the bed covering her with the blanket. He could now understand what pain Geet felt when he got drunk. He softly carressed her hair. Pata nai kyun Geet, Mai bas tumhe aise nai dekh paa raha… I want you to be safe and with me… Aaj pehli baar aisa laga ke shayad… Shayad tumne dhokha nai dia ho… Maybe I had a misunderstanding… You haven’t changed a bitHe smiled. Ummm She shifted digging her face into his lap. He shifted uncomfortably with her mouth so close to his p****. He blushed realizing he got aroused. She still had her magical effect on him. She placed her hand on his thigh. The wound was still fresh. He hissed with pain. He slowly placed her head on the pillow and stepped out. His hormones overworking as a certain part of his anatomy rose high magnificently. He needed to take a cold shower right then. He walked towards the cupboard, taking his towel he went to the bathroom.


Wrapping the towel around his bare waist as he came out of the bathroom, the sight shocked him. She was thrashing on the bed wildly still unconscious. Leave me… Leave me you rapist… Mai sirf unki hoonShe screamed. The word ‘rapist’ clicked somewhere in his mind but he brushed them all. He needed to calm her down first. Settling his weight upon her he held her wrists tightly till she stopped thrashing. Mai maan ki hoon sirf Maan ki… Leave… Mai unki nai toh kissi ki naiShe trailed. All of a sudden she kicked and kneed on his thigh. He bit his lips to stop his scream. Meri hi galti hai… Ye kicks or fights nai sikhana chahiye tha isse… Aaj mujh pe hi aazma rai haiHe cribbed. He never trusted meShe sobbed. His hold on her wrists loosened. She slept off whisperingHe didnt… He didnt… He got up immediately. As the sun rose, he called up the doc and asked him to arrive there soon. He feared to call Shekhar. He walked up and down waiting for the doctor. As soon as the bell rang, he ran to open the door. The male doctor entered with a nurse. Maan immediately placed his hand on his chest stopping him.Just the nurse onlyMaan gritted. The doctor nodded. The nurse went inside and came out in few minutes.She whispered something to the doctor. Sir, It seems Madam had alcohol first time… Unko shayad alcohol se allergy hai isliye vomitting The Doctor said. He just adviced him to let her sleep for sometime. She would be alright after having few sips of lemonade. The doctor left. Maan went near Geet. Her saree was stinking due to the vomit. He sprayed perfume on her and washed her face again. He left her to rest as he got ready and left for the office.


Geet woke up holding her head. Her eyes fell on the table… A glass of lemonade and a note. She opened the notePlease drink it and take rest. With care… A tear dropped from her eyes. Who would care so much? She drank it and freshened up. She was surprised to find her brushes, towels still there in the bathroom. She finally came out still in the saree. She screamed looking at the time. It was almost 12. She rushed towards the office… Her hair still wet. She hired a cab rushed to KC. She heaved a sigh of relief finally dropping down on her chair in her cabin. She looked into her laptop reviewing the Khurana Constructions figures and all its deals. The figures were protected. She needed the BOD file for the access codes. She knocked. Come in Maan said busy reviewing the file.

Mujhe BOD ki file chahiye… Figures review karne hain

She wasnt even finished as Maan woke up.Tum kyu aayi aaj office ? Doctor ne rest karne ko kaha tha… He was getting hyper.Tum mujhe…She spoke but again he interrupted herKyu tumne pehni yeh saree… Maine mana kia tha naHe held her arms tightly twisting her hand. She glared at himKyunki mere liye kuch aur kapde nahi theShe gritted snapping his hold. His eyes softened. After she had left he had kept all her clothes safely in his room in her remembrance. However since he never entered the bathroom in his senses he didnt remove her things. And when he was in his senses her love didnt allow him to. He snapped out when she stomped her feet and walked out. He immediately followed her into her cabin. Geet dekho… Meri baat toh suno…Maan tried to pacify her. Kya sunoon mai Maan Singh Khurana can never be wrong hai na? Humesha Geet hi galat hoti haiShe fumed blowing her hair. You look cute like thatMaan winked naughtily. WHAT?She turned away from him hiding her blush. He slowly slid his hand over her hip squeezing it. She stared at him wildly.Kick acha karti ho… Abhi bhi practice chalu hai kyaShe laughed as he dug his face into her wet hair. Please MaanShe was calmed and all she could do was be amused at his magical effect. He bit her collarbone and then sweeped his tongue over the bite. Pink shaitan…


His phone rang. The information from the other side shocked him. He immediately googled up about Khurana Constructions in India and was shocked on reading the news ‘Entry of a new member into BOD of KC: Meet Miss Geet Handa’. Rahul was shocked reading the news. How the hell was this possible? They hadn’t even planned this. Even Geet didnt mention anything about this to him. He called on her cell but no one picked up. Rahul’s phone rang again and he feared the nameHow did this happen Rahul? The calmness on other side made him shiver in fear. I am going to find about it Rahul replied scared. No dont do anything now… Your every movement is being watched now…And the call was cut. Sweat drops dripped down his head. He screamed,MAANUHe held her arms tightly hurting her. Why are you screaming on my head Rahul?She was angry. He left her shaking angrily. Although he married her for money but then over these years he admired her how she stood by him, in each of his deeds… Good or Bad. And now even hurting her a slightest bit hurt him also. Her ignoring his silent plea of love was breaking him down. I dont have time for these affairs… I have to follow his orders… I have to find some way to contact Geet… To break her down… To break Maan Geet


Daadi was happy that Geet atleast came to meet her.Thank you Vicky… Aapne aapki promise poori kiDaadi blessed Vicky. But Daadi Geet aur bro ko ek sath karna hain Vicky was worried about them. He was worried whether their efforts may break Geet down completely. Even Daadi was guilty if only she had stopped Maan at the right time, Geet wouldnt have been so hurt. Instead she was busy mourning for her son ignoring the fact that their present was getting destroyed. Let me talk to MaanShe decided.


Maan 1 se 20 tak count karna phir search me

He nodded peeking between his fingers. She whacked him.No cheating… Bola tha na… Ab aankhein band karke search karna hoga He pouted. She giggled and vanished into hiding. Maan toh mujhe yahan kabhi nai dhund payegaShe giggled under the bed in the farmhouse. Maan couldnt follow where he was going but then rules are rules he went blindly ahead. His hand hit the door and he realized it was the basement as he felt the dust and less light there. Something in him told him to go ahead. He slowly crawled and went through the secret staircase. Geet heard footsteps and was shocked. How did he find her here? She peeked at him. Maan knew under the bed was only place she could hide only if she was there.Geet mai janta hu tum yehi ho He slowly went towards the bed and bent on his knees. She gasped as he caught hold of her hand.Pakad liaHe opened his eyes n squealed and in hurry her head bumped under the bed. She howled loudly crying. He tried to stop her as she came out crying.

Precap: Maan Jealous

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